Happily Zombie After

So this post is not about a big DIY project, but it is about a little DIY I did. I wasn’t originally going to blog about this considering no one really knows about it. I decided to anyway because I am just too darn excited.

First let me say that my wedding excitement is not quite over yet…DUN DUN DUN. 🙂 I planned to do a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot as well. If you don’t know what that is then go ahead and Google it. I spilled all the secrets about my wedding except for this. Mostly because I knew everyone in the family would hate this…on both sides. So I decided to be excited about it by myself. If you are here to talk me out of it…its too late the dress has been cut and shortened in the front.

SEE! Already cut!

Well the best part about this shoot is the THEME! I am sure you know it has something to do with zombies. Nick said he would do the zombies if I agreed that he could dress up like a cowboy. So from that came our theme Cowboys Vs. Zombies. yay! Which is proof to how perfect we are for each other…who doesn’t like cowboys or zombies? You have seen my outfit so now take a look at my really good looking husband’s outfit we picked up down in Tn.

I guess you have to know Nick in order to see why this is so funny.

What else do you need for a Cowboy Vs Zombie photo shoot? ZOMBIES!!! Jillian and her Husband Ryan from Jillian McGrath Photography said they think we could do the makeup ourselves. So I researched and watched tutorials for the best (and cheapest) way to achieve the zombie look. Through many trial and errors I finally came to my last attempt which turned out pretty darn good.

and this my friend is the small DIY I was referring to above.

Amazing job on the makeup RIGHT!?

Looks like a nasty gash to me!

So the makeup is pretty darn good considering I am no professional. I see the mistakes under the eyes but I know what went wrong.Otherwise I think he looks pretty darn good.

Now I will share the great tutorial that helped me the most to achieve this look.

Yes you guessed it, the amazing makeup artists from the popular show The Walking Dead created a small how-to tutorial.

You can find the original AMC Video below!

Original Video Link

The biggest problem with this tutorial was trying to figure out how to make the gelatin mix. What you do is Start with one packet of Knox gelatin mix and stir in 1 Tbs of water until you get a thick paste. It took 3 Tbs for me. 1/3 cup (4Tbs) is too much. Then wait until it sets and microwave it for 3 seconds NOT 10 seconds like the video says. you can also try lowering your microwave power level and microwaving it at 5 second intervals. Your best bet is to start LOW and work your way up if it doesn’t melt.

My last tip is to make sure you blend out the edges as much as possible and then add the latex over the gelatin. (Like I didn’t around the eyes)

And here are the results from our AMAZING TRASH THE DRESS photo shoot with Jillian McGrath Photography! Click the Link to see more photos and bigger photos from this shoot! Next time we will back away from the white paint for the zombies and use lighter skin tones instead.


2 thoughts on “Happily Zombie After

  1. I am sure that the pictures from the Trash the Dress shoot will be awesome. You are a brave one. I got married on the beach and after me and my hubby wanted to play in the water (in our wedding clothes). Of course, both sides talked us out of it. Good for you for doing it anyway.

    • Yes, those family members are tricky little buggers. That is why I never told them. To be honest I was afraid to. They may have convinced me I was doing the wrong thing. I loved my dress…but it did what it was meant to do. I would hate to shove it into a closet in hopes that one day my daughter MIGHT want to use it. It’s meant to be out there having adventures! 😉

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