Cup n’ Cake for a Cure

The most important DIY project I am doing this year would be my bake sale and lemonade stand. It will be in memory of my Parents who my family lost to cancer.

Tha bake sale donations will go to the American Cancer Society and the lemonade stand donations will go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Please feel free to make online donations by clicking on the links above. If you are located in Central PA you can hold your donations until August 18th, 2012 for the stands to open.

My idea for the bake sale is to have tons of baked goods….duh!….but I also want to sell items they can take home with them.

For example Mason Jar Cookie Ingredients! Like Emmaline Bride Blogged about.

or how about a Baking Kit like the Peaceful Mom blogged about.

I will definenetly be having something SMOREs related there!

Here, like this Smores kit little blue room blogged about!

Oh Em Gee! How about these babies! Smores Cake in a Jar from How Sweet it is. YES! I think so!

Well as you can see there are tons of ideas out there! I wish everyone would go out and have a bake sale for a good cause! Everyone knows someone who has/had cancer. What a great way to honor those who have passed away, won the battle, or are still fighting. I can’t think of anything SWEETER! 😉

How ’bout some sweet stand ideas!

Here are some pretty awesome ideas from Cute as a Fox!

Yes my friends, I will be going all out for these stands. I go all out with everything else I plan….why not do it for something that will actually make a change!?

I hope I inspire someone to get out there and do what they can for a cause. It doesn’t matter what the cause is… person helping someone else makes the world a better place to live in. Simple as that.


2 thoughts on “Cup n’ Cake for a Cure

  1. The Ripple Effect!!! b/c of the stand Ashley and I did together …. 3 people we know have now gone out and done stands of their own!!!!

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