Gifting the Dead

I wanted to give my photographers a gift after spending 8 hours plus on our zombie shoot. (Click here to see my photo shoot images!) It was a ton of fun and I think after all their hard work they deserve a little something extra! Something to remind them of the only photo shoot they have ever had with cowboys and zombies. Want to know what I decided to gift them with?


The coolest thing about this gift? I PUT IT TOGETHER MYSELF! yup, all my skills. 🙂 I ordered a kit from Think Geek. It was on sale when I purchased it and sadly I can’t find it on their website anymore….I found one here at Extreme Geek. You can Google “Create your own zombie kit” and you will find plenty of websites that sell it.

Here is how you create a super awesome zombie figure like the one I have. This is exactly how I DID IT!

First, wait for your zombie kit to come in the mail. When it comes, DO A DANCE TO MJ’s THRILLER! It’s only fitting.


OK you don’t HAVE TO, but I did.

The kit comes with an instructional DVD. I watched it, but you don’t have to. It gives good tips on how to take the body parts off and on.

Out of all the amazing body parts you have, start putting them together and CREATE YOUR ZOMBIE! It comes with levels of decayed body parts and it comes with two full outfits. While watching the instructional DVD I came to realize the company that created this kit makes superhero figures and other themed figures as well. Good thing about that is YOU CAN ZOMBIFY SUPERMAN! The figure’s body parts are interchangeable.  So cool!

This is where I did things a little different from the DVD. I wiped everything down with pure acetone (Nail polish remover) and let it dry for a couple of minutes. The DVD says to wipe it down with denatured alcohol and let dry for 18-24 hours. I said HA to that and used what I had. Honestly, I don’t know what denatured alcohol is. I figured the acetone would wipe off all the finish just the same. Then as far as waiting 24 hours….well the excitement got to me. It seemed dry enough to me….but again I used acetone not denatured alcohol. So maybe there is a big difference between the two. I know for a fact the finish on the hard plastic came off with the acetone because it was changing my cotton pad tan.

The DVD says to spray a primer down, but I didn’t. lol. I know… I do what I want. I didn’t have any primer so I did without and things turned out fine. If you have it, primer won’t hurt, so use it.

After the pieces were done drying from the acetone, I used a black ink wash and painted over all the areas that were going to show. In the DVD they use a dark brown ink wash.

While the ink is drying you can zombie up the clothes your figure will be wearing. I used scissors to cut holes then used a nail file to fray the edges. The clothes are very thin so you don’t need to file the edges a lot. In fact in some areas all I did was file the clothes until a tiny hole appeared. You don’t even need scissors. After I distressed the clothing I dipped them into a little bowl of coffee grounds and hot water. Leave them in there for as long as you would like.

Next I took my acrylic paints (not sure what they used in the DVD) and started to dry brush a brown color all over the body parts that would show. I did a few layers going from dark to light until I got the color I liked. I didn’t take a picture of me dry brushing the lighter colors. SORRY!

After I have my zombie looking the color of death I went ahead and started painting the small details. The white for the bones, the red for the muscle, the dark red for the blood, etc. BE CREATIVE HERE!

When my zombie was dry I dressed him up and added some red blood on his clothes. I went with the age old bloody hand print. I just used his small hand, slopped it up in some red paint, and plopped it on his shirt. I touched it up a little with my paint brush.

NOW your zombie is ready for his close up!


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