One Post, Many DIY Projects!

Because my wedding website no longer exists and I shared links to it on Weddingbee for instructions on a few DIY projects, I decided to do a quick recap of a few of the DIY projects and instructions in this one post.

Lets start with the hangover kit.

My hangover kits included a small bottle water and a small can of ginger-ale wrapped in matching paper with the pill bag.
The pill bag included pepto bismol tablets, propel zero and NesCafe instant coffee mix, Tylenol, and mints. I just placed them all in a little sandwich bag and folded the cut paper over the edge and stapled it.
Not pictured but later included in the hangover kits were small photo albums for all the guests to take home their photobooth pictures in.
The instruction booklet was created and customized by me. The little stick figures are all hand drawn by me. If you like, you can open the word file here for customization (must download font Initialized from or you can open the PDF file here  and print the booklet just as is. Of course you will have to make sure you include everything I used in my hangover kit so your booklet matches.
The last item included in my hangover kit were pretty darn cute handmade Ice Packs.

Now how I made the Ice Packs (everything but sewing was actually done by my Husband…LOVE HIM)

1) Take a ziplock bag, fill it with soap, and tripple bag it. The more expensive soap with lotion makes a much better texture when frozen but if you are doing this in bulk, the cheap stuff works just fine. UPDATE: My sister used rice when she made hers and it works much nicer than soap. It can double as a heating pad and an ice pack by microwaving it or putting it in the freezer. Using soap has the possibility of leaking and can ONLY be frozen. I suggest the rice. It is also much cheaper.

2) Cut your favorite fabric in squares. Make sure the squares are big enough to wrap around your soap filled bags. Give it some room to sew as well.

3) fold the squares wrong side up and sew the long edge and one short edge. Then turn them rigth side out.

4) stuff the pretty pouches with your bags of soap. Fold the unfinished edges in and sew them shut.

Voila! There is your ice pack.

1) Download your favorite font and print the letters you want.
2) Take your doily and trace the letters with a very very very light ink wash (Almost just water)
3) Add more ink to your wash and go back over all of your letters wish a darker ink wash. You can leave little highlighted areas by avoided those spots wish the dark ink wash.
4) Continue to layer on the ink wash until the letters are as dark as you would like.
5) String the doileys and hang.

Now my Flower Seed favors

My favors were just small bottles with corks filled with black eyed susan seeds. You can order really cheap ones on ebay. I spent about $.35 each on them and it cost me total with seeds about $65 for 130 of them. You can find some on ebay being sold for $.17 each right now though.

Instructions for my programs

I used some old vintage wrapping paper my grandmother gave me for the outside. I used cardstock purchased from Cards & Pockets and cut them in half so they were small programs. punched two holes in them and tied them with different colored ribbon. Really simple.

My cupcake Stands

These were finished just by taking china plates, tea cups & saucers, candle holders, sundae cups, and anything else I thought looked good and hot gluing them together.

My tears of joy packets

These were made by using ugly  tissues and stuffed them into a eco friendly favor bag found on sale at michaels and then took the pretty tissues and indvidually folded them over the bags. I punched holes in the pretty tissues and tied them over the bags with the ribbon from the favor bag kits.

Then the last project was my Photobooth Wall. You can click on the picture to go to the tutorial for this project. It required its own post.


3 thoughts on “One Post, Many DIY Projects!

    • Thanks ANG! Where were you before I made the ice packs for my guests? I will say as far as I AM CONCERNED our triple bagging worked fine, but they may not last FOREVER. Rice is much cheaper and I could see it being much easier to deal with. Thanks I will edit the blog and put that pointer in there for anyone reading.

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