Trimmed and Lively

My dreams these days are migrating towards a healthier lifestyle. This post is just an amateur post about living healthy and what I have learned in the last couple months.

Staying motivated and enjoying the work out is what will help you accomplish that lifestyle change.

My recommendation is to Print this out and hang it on your wall!



Steps 6-8 are the most difficult for me.

I change things a little with the second interval. I do 30 second mountain climbers and then do another 1 minute step ups. I also change the push ups by doing as many as I can and then I do a 30 second plank. If you replace an exercise make sure you are replacing it with an equivalent. For instance do not replace mountain climbers with crunches. The mountain climbers are there to get your heart pumping. I hate cardio as much as the next (possibly more) but it is an important part of your exercise routine. You need it to help you lose your fat.

It is also important to give yourself a break. Take 30 second breaks before moving onto the next exercise and make sure you take a day off. I need a day off or I get worn out and give up. I  do this routine M-W-F and run Tuesday and Thursday. I leave the weekend open because I typically make plans. If I am around the house I will still do light work outs like 25 sit ups or 50 jumping jacks.

I listen to Beyonce when I work out. I start my workout with her “Move Your Body” video as a warm up. It is a cute little dance video that is pretty easy to follow along with. The playlist is  a little over 43 minutes total. It is also a great way for me to keep track of how long my work out has been. I know if I hit the “Countdown” video I am just about done for a 20 minute workout. If I fell up to it, I keep going.

In case you are interested in my Beyonce playlist here you go!


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