Splintered, Unhinged, & Ensnared

I have been gone from my blog because I have been too busy dreaming and making memories! oh and I graduated college and got a job. So the boring, responsible STUFF has been in the way as well.

I started this new journal where I do nothing but write down the things that I daydream about, the things I dream about, and the things I have nightmares about. It allows me as an artist to keep track of all the great things my mind creates that typically get lost. I use it most often after finishing a book series or after waking up from a crazy dream. The weird part is that I actually enjoy reading what I wrote later.

Recently I picked up the Splintered series and I am hooked. WOW! I thought my imagination was crazy, this book creates creatures and landscapes I could never dream up on my own. It is the absolute perfect book. It has the creepy, dark side and of course the LOVE STORY (which always wins my heart). Yes, I love the ‘LOVE’ in this book….but the world that the author (A.G. Howard) created is what makes me crazy for this series. I envy the author for her ability to create such madness! She is my muse and after reading this series I MUST paint, paint, and paint some more! So much creepTASTIC inspiration! Click the image below to go to her page!




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