Board and BORED Games

I LOVE GAMES!! Board games, video games, card games, drinking games, drinking board/card/video games 😉


That being said I am not an expert. I just know what I like and enjoy. It is just like music for me; if I hear a song and I like it that is enough. I don’t need to know the birth date of the musician or the names of the band members parents. I don’t even need to know the names of the band members themselves. I just don’t care. Call me simple minded, if you will. It is just not important to me.

I will rate a few games that are classics so you have an idea of what is important to me before you go and take my opinion and use it to buy a game.

Ratings are out of 10

1. Monopoly
Rating: 7

Overall it just takes too long to play.

Rating: 7.5

Simple game. I like to play it with the young ones.

3. Risk
Rating: 9

One of my favorites. It is easy to set up, Quick game to learn, and I love conquering the world!!!

4. Risk: The Walking Dead
Rating: 9.5

The main reason I like this game is because it is a RISK board game that can be played with two people. Sometimes I like to just chill out with the Hubby and play some games. Oh and adding zombies to any game makes it a million times better.

5. The Walking Dead Board Game

Rating: 5

So this game is just eh. It is not all that fun….but it has potential. It can be a single player game but I don’t recommend it. Not enjoyable by yourself.

6. Run Off
Rating: 6

This is a game for my husband. It is a political trivia game made for history buffs. It has an entertainment category though. All in all it isn’t bad of you like trivia and you like history.

7. Pandemic

Rating: 8

Very fun game, but impossible to beat without cheating. This is my first cooperative board game.

I still have to rate a few other games: Cards Against Humanity (hilarious), Red neck LIFE (funny with the kids), Axis and Allies (Still can’t figure out how to play)…..


Also for more detailed reviews for…well pretty much any board game check out BoardGameGeek . I always check them out before buying a new game.


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