DIY Disney Picture Frame

Here is a picture frame that I put together as a baby shower gift. My friend LOVES Disney.

image (12)

Below are directions and tips on how to make your own frame. I wasn’t sure where exactly I was going with this picture frame so I just went for it. I am going to tell you the order you should go in, not the order I went in.

What you will need:

1. Tacky Glue Spray
2. Plain wood frame
3. Mod Podge SPRAY
4. Bakers twine
5. Images for frame (I used Disney movies)
6. Acrylic paint or Stain


DIY steps:
1. Lay out all of your materials and supplies

image (2)     Untitled2 image (9)

2. What I did next and what I SHOULD HAVE done next are two different things. Next you should paint or stain your frame.

image (13)

3. Place your images onto the frame. I used my little Disney movie stickers so it was very easy for me to place them on the frame. If you do not have actual stickers then I would just spray some tacky glue down and place your images on that way. Try and cut your images close to the edge, if there is a little overlap that is fine. I will show you later how to fix that up.

image (11)

Now this project was a little hard for me because my friend was having a boy! I had to fight the urge to add a little Disney princess to this frame. Look at all of these great Disney movies I loved growing up.

image (8)

4. Start wrapping the frame with bakers twine. I wrapped wherever the images stopped. You can just tie with a simple knot on the back of the frame.

image (16)

5. Flip the frame over and use a pencil to push down and loosen the twine (see image). You want the glass to fit back into the frame.

image (15)

6. Very lightly sand the edges of the images. Remember those nasty edges from earlier

image (11)

….check them out after I have sanded them. MUCH better.

image (19)

7. Next I decided to wrap the entire outside of the frame with bakers twine. You don’t have to, but I liked the look. Spray some tacky glue around the entire edge of the frame. Then just go to town wrapping the twine. Make sure you push the twine down so it sticks to the frame.

image (4) 

image (18) 

image (24)

8. Take the Mod Podge Spray and cover the entire frame, back and front, with Mod Podge.

That is it. Pop a pretty picture into the frame and you have yourself a cute nursery decoration.






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