Open When… Gifts


A close friend of mine was having a baby shower and I wanted to do something special for her. Sure I bought her something right off the registry because nothing is more annoying than people buying a gift you DON’T need. I know….the thought is what matters.

I searched for ideas and nothing really jumped out at me except for a pin I found for ‘Open When…’ letters. Unfortunately I cannot find the pin now. Well I brain stormed and thought I could come up with some creative ideas for ‘Open When…’ gifts instead of letters. Below is what I gave my friend for her baby shower.

1. Gift Card for Barnes and Nobles (She has a nook)
Open When…You need a little gift for your self

I already wrapped the gift before taking a picture


2. Little Critters Bedtime Storybook (My favorite book series growing up)
Open When…Its storytime with New Baby


3. Date Coupons (that I posted about on my blog here) and a Couples Journal for parents
Open When…Mom and Dad need a little more romance

The inside of the journal instructs you on what to write about. ex: We had our first date at ________; The celebrity quote that describes us the most is…and then it lists a quote from celebrities. It is pretty funny in some areas


 4. Bath and  Body Works aromatherapy bubble bath and lotion
Open When…You are feeling stressed

Stress1 Stress2

5. Country decor box with a quote about friendship and a note with my phone number
Open When…You need a friend

6. DIY picture frame that I posted on my blog here (She loves Disney)
Open When…You need a frame for the new baby


7. Bottle of wine (I already put it in the bag and tied it up before taking a picture)
Open When…You are done breast feeding


8. DIY Twine letter for her Nursery that I posted about on my blog here (Baby’s initial)
Open When…You are decorating the nursery


8. Teal Baby spoon that was hand stamped with baby’s name (I forgot to take a picture….I am not very good at this. lol)
Open When…Baby starts eating baby food

The spoon I bought off of etsy was like the ones found here

After I had all the labels printed I wrapped each gift up with craft paper. I spent a little extra time wrapping them because I figured the gifts would be sitting around the house for a few months and I wanted her to have something nice to look at. 🙂




Then I added everything to a dark brown basket, tied some jute rope around it and voila!
I snapped this picture at the baby shower because, as you can probably guess, I forgot to take a picture. 🙂

Basket1 Basket2 Basket4

The ‘no peeking’ was actually tape that I used to wrap each gift. What I did for the two heart gifts: I cut out a heart stencil, sprayed some tacky glue, and then added some sparkle. In retrospect it may not have been the best choice. Even though the sparkles were extra large, they still may get all over the place when she opens the gift.

  HeartGift2 HeartGift3

 HeartGift5 HeartGift5


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