DIY Date Coupons

I made these coupons for one of my friends as a baby shower gift. These will keep the romance alive, and give the parents a much needed break.

What you will need:

1. Avery: matte white business cards – You can get these anywhere they sell office supplies. Walmart, Staples, Officemax, etc.
2. Template for Microsoft word: You can use mine or edit it and create your own – Date Coupon Template
3. Bakers twine – optional

Edit the template, print, break apart, tie together with pretty bakers twine, and give them as a gift or keep them for you and your hunny. Simple and cute.

I made my coupons very simple and plain. I had plans to spice them up with some color, but I opted out. I really like the clean look, but who knows maybe I will go back and edit them. Here is a great idea!


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DIY Pompom Garland

I am making these for a baby shower. I wanted to make a garland, but it was way too tedious to tie a knot on every pompom and string them one by one. So I thought of a very simple solution…..SEW them together.

Sew tissue paper pompoms in one line before opening/fluffing them up. Voila you have a pompom garland. SO EASY!

I am sorry for the bad quality photos, but I snapped them with my cell phone. 




Stop Motions

Here are a few stop motions I made for some girls off of weddingbee and a friend. These took so much time. My favorite stop motion is the one I used to invite the girlies in my wedding. Unfortunately youtube took the sound off because I did not have permission to use the song. I will post it when I get home.

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